NaNoWriMo :: Scene Soundtrack Contest (Part 2)

Tonight's scene is at a completely different locale.  We've gotten Maggie out of small town, USA and she's returning to college in the big city.  Her roommate convinces her to go out to a club.  I'll admit, it's been years since my years of hanging at at "Motor" in Detroit.

I need updated songs for inspiration.  I'm been hanging out a lot in the emo world as far as my recent musical tastes, so I'm at a loss for a good, bass pounding club song to inspire the writing of this scene.

Any suggestions? You can still enter the Part 1 of this week's contest here.

Rules are the same.  Submit a band or song that could inspire a Pandora radio station.  You can leave a comment on the blog, send me a tweet at @samill1 or send me a message on the NaNo forums (I'm Colorado Columnist). I'll compile the entries.  All entries must be in by midnight on Saturday.  I'll announce this week's winner on Monday, and send you a compilation CD inspired by the song that you suggested next week.

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