NaNoWriMo :: Scene Soundtrack Contest

I'm stuck...not with the book.  But with the music that I listen to while I write.  This is isn't entirely true, we own so much music, it's a little ridiculous actually.  I'm not stuck, just uninspired by the music that I have at my fingertips.

So, we're starting a new daily contest at Lunacy.  Find me a song to inspire a Pandora radio station.  I will give you a run down of the scene that I'm writing, you reply in the comments with any song ideas you might have that fit.  The lyrics don't have to fit, but if they do, that's great too.  Don't spend a ton of time analyzing the challenge.  Sometimes the best musical inspiration is just a feeling that you have.

Kevin and I play this game quite a bit.  He often wakes up with certain songs stuck in his head or will start whistling a tune for an unknown reason.  It usually takes a few minutes to figure out what inspired the synapses of his incredibly deep brain to shoot that song into his conscious mind.  But, it's always fun to figure out why.

So, back to our task.  Day 4: Writing a scene in a small town hospital, characters include a drunk, jilted teenage boy; a shifty shrink and a protagonist who think she might be going crazy.

Send your thoughts my way in the comments section. You can also send me a tweet is it's easier.  You can find me here http://www.twitter.com/samill1  I'll let you know if your song inspires a great new station.  Gotta love Pandora!

P.S. I'll choose a winner every Saturday during NaNoWriMo.  The person whose song inspired the best Pandora station for me will get a "mix-tape" CD sent to them - created and paid for by me! A great way to discover some new music. An even better way to get back to our glory days of the "mix tape." If you're too young to know about "mix tapes" they were the classic courting method or break-up healing technique used back in my high school dating days.


Punkgrrlshim said...

Chemical, Chemical by Pretty Girls Make Graves.

I'm punkgrrlshim on Nanowrimo.

Aikanaro said...

I'm predictable, and as soon as anyone has a crazy girl I recommend Splintered in Her Head by The Cure.

Phoenix_Maat said...

The Crystal Ship by The Doors.