NaNoWriMo :: Day 3 (Another a-ha moment!)

Day 2 Wordcount: 4,190 (That puts my total at 7,800)

Day 2 Theme Song: Appreciation and the Bomb by The Spill Canvas

Nothing fancy about the song lyrics tonight.  In fact, when I googled the lyrics, they seemed like a veiled attempt at a cliche song about suicide.  Tonight's scene definitely had nothing to do with that. The tune just happened to pop up on the Genius playlist that my iPhone created at the exact moment that I was writing the face-to-face break up between Maggie (MC) and Marcus (already her ex-boyfriend, but he wouldn't take no for an answer over the phone. He forces her to do it in person while they are at the festival.)  The song had the perfect sad strains of guitar that fit with the scene.

Morale is good today.  I had a huge jump in word count because I rewrote the Prologue (hate to call it a "prologue" because I know those are fairly taboo in publishing right now. But that's pretty much what it is.), and I got the opening scene betwee Maggie and her grandmother nailed down.

The final scene of tonight was tough.  I'd been looking forward to writing it.  It's the climax to Chapter 1 and tied together a lot of the elements that have been put into play over the last 5,500 words. It was really hard to write, though.  Even though I've been running it over and over in my head for a week, I couldn't seem to get just the right words and intensity for what I needed.  I mentally highlighted this section as one that will need to be COMPLETELY reworked in the next draft.

But, once again, I made some big discoveries.  In the midst of my excitement, I had also been terrified to write the final scene because I couldn't figure out exactly how to make it work so that it would tie in to some discoveries that Maggie will make in subsequent chapters.  But, once again, it just came to me while I was writing.  I breathed a sigh of relief, shook my head in amazement at this muse of mine who likes to hide until the very last minute that I need her and dove back into writing so as not to lose the creative flow.

More to come tomorrow. I'm excited to start the next section.  I'll be getting them out of the festival and on to the next locale.

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