NaNoWriMo :: Day 2 (Why Do I Think This is Crap?)

Day 2 Wordcount: 1,829 (That puts my total at 3,610)

Day 2 Theme Song: September Skyline by Single File
"Let's drive tonight and race the autumn skyline. And should I fall tonight, we'll know just what it takes to feel alive..."

The book opens with MC and her friends driving through the cornfields of her podunk farm town.  It's October, and they're heading to the town's Pumpkin Festival.  And the pivotal scene that I wrote tonight involves a fall - both literal and figurative.  Go figure.  I'm definitely reading way too much into this because I don't actually listen to any of the lyrics while I'm writing, but something must be seeping in because the comparative literature major in me is finding all sorts of meaningful, albeit slightly contrived, connections with these songs.
Day 2 Morale:  Comme ci, comme ca...  I'm having no trouble whipping off the words.  Took me just over an hour to get those 1,800 down on the page, but I feel scattered.  There is a ton of backstory with these characters that needs to be explained, but I feel like I'm having a verbal diarrhea dump - trying to get it all out RIGHT NOW.  I don't think I've mastered the skill of weaving in bits and pieces of the backstory.

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, (Thus the capital letters!)

I made some HUGE discoveries today.  Once again I had a plan for where the characters needed to end up in today's work.  Plan was terribly thwarted and I didn't reach the destination, because things just started jumping out of my brain.  In the midst of this steaming pile of verbosity, I created some new connections and some major plot points. 

When I say major, I mean that at one point, my eyes actually teared up and I got shivers realizing that the words I had just written were going to be yet another connection that is vital to this story of lost souls.  Once again, that's what will keep me coming back.  I'm already anticipating a whole bunch dribble is going to get cut in the first edit, but I'm also convinced that I need to work my way through my own wordiness to find these discoveries that are trapped in my subconscious. 

Crazy how this writing thing works! Now I understand why it's so addictive. It's like guilty playtime.  I've never had a hobby that makes me feel guilty for having this much fun.  And now I do.


SM Blooding said...

I love it when little moments like that happen! It usually occurs when you're not expecting it and that just makes it even better! EEEEEEKKKK!!!

Keep up the good work!

Susan W said...

Oooo, that sounds fantastic! So exciting Sara! :)

Brett said...

I found your blog through Twitter, and found your Twitter post through Denver NaNos. Now that you know how I got here, let me just say that I've enjoyed reading your posts and hope to read what you have to say as the month progresses!

- Brett
(theicemage on Twitter and NaNo)