NaNoWriMo :: Day 5 Characterization

Day 5 Wordcount:  1,802 (total word count is at 11,479 - I broke 10K - woo, hoo)

Day 5 Morale:  Excited - plowed through two different scenes in an hour and finally got Maggie out of the small town hospital!

Day 5 Song of the Day:  Shooting Up in Vain from the "Go" Soundtrack

I introduced the antagonist tonight.  Once this chunk 'o words goes through a major first revision, I'm guessing that the antagonist will enter stage left a lot earlier.  But for now, he's arrived.  I still don't have my finger on this guy.  My other characters - Maggie, her friends, the ex-boyfriend, her sister, even the upcoming love interest (can't wait for him to enter the picture - he's so interesting!!) - I feel like I already know.  But this antagonist, I'm not so sure about yet.  I think it's because when I lay awake during October planning this book, Mr. Antagonist was Mr. Minor Character.  The story was more of a Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Himself type-thing.  And then I realized - that was boring me. 

The next day, while creating some timelines, I realized that Mr. Minor Character was the perfect antagonist.  He was in the right place at the right time, and he has strong motive for foiling Maggie's plans. No, he's not a superhero villain (don't know why the word "foiling" just came out of my fingers - must be all this NaNoWriMo stream-of-consciousness), but he's the perfect antagonist. 

However, there are still some cloudy areas in his backstory.  I think I'll spend a little time this weekend in Mr. Antagonist's world to find out what makes him tick.  Tune in to the next post for Part 2 of the soundtrack contest.

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