College Professors Who Tweet (or Use Twitter)

My brother is a college professor at High Point University in Greensboro, NC. I've been researching social marketing in academics to give him some advice on keeping his students engaged. It's fun to realize that the ivory tower of academia is moving into the 21st century with Twitter, Facebook, etc. I love the juxtaposition of the stodgy and the slick.

Here's a link to a really interesting article about the hows and whys of Twitter in a college setting. I love the phrase "ambient awareness."  It's not that I'm a cyberstalker or a voyeur of some sort by following people on Twitter or reading blogs without commenting.  I just have a craving for "ambient awareness."  Love it!

You can follow me on Twitter here if you're interested in developing an ambient awareness of a full-time mom and part-time personal assistant to toddlers.

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