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I have a dirty little secret that I've locked away and I'm ashamed to talk about.  Neither of my kids have a baby book. I pride myself on being a good mom, and (in my mind) along with the responsibility of raising kind, happy kids, comes the documentation of said raising.  Well, I've fallen below the bar on that portion of my mom responsibilities. Don't get me wrong.  I've taken tons of digital pictures and have kept various computer files stashed in various locations with funny phrases and momentous occurrences.  BUT...none of this information exists in a cute, tidy little book over which parents and grandparents can ooh and aah.

I have to admit that part of my shame stems from the fact that my mom did not make me a baby book until I was 32 years old.  My entire life I would go to friends houses and page through their cute baby books with graphics of yellow chicks and fluffy lambs, hospital bracelets flattened and yellowing under their chock-full-of acid tape (we were kids of the 70s - this was long before acid-free paper, etc.).  I felt left out and neglected in a very tongue and cheek way. Although a tiny, tiny part of me in the very dark corners of my mind, felt truly neglected, like I wasn't important enough for my mom to whip out the scrapbooking supplies and make me a sugary sweet baby book.  Even though my mom was seriously mom of the century and my brother and I turned out to be great human beings, I felt less of a great human being without the book to document my turning into this responsible, kind person.  Tee hee.  Pretty pathetic, huh? That's how my teenaged mind worked.

Now my brother, on the other hand, never cared that he didn't have pictures of himself drooling, surrounded by cartoon puppy dogs and froggies.  And I'm guessing that my boys won't care either.  But I still feel as though I might miss out on the Mom of the Year Award if I can't provide the visual documentation of all of my hard mothering work. 

So, please help me win this giveaway from Today's Creative Blog. 

I want to win the gift certificate from Ella.  $20 that could go toward the future mental stability of my sons.  Because as I've adequately proven through my own neuroses -- NO BABY BOOK, NO MENTAL STABILITY!!


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