First Snow!!

This is what it's doing at my house right now. Can you see the snow on the deck rail and beginning to pile up on my carefully covered picnic table?  Can you see my very cold, very sad petunias begnning to sag in the upper left corner of the photo.

Yes, don't blink your eyes.  This is actually snow - in September.  Weatherbug is calling for 3 inches of accumulation today with possible snow showers again tomorrow.

My kids are ecstatic.  The first thing Alex asked this morning is if it was going to snow today.  And, it appears that he has gotten his wish.  So much for our hike today.  I just hope they're not too disappointed.  They want to go sledding, and Alex is glued to the windows asking when that might happen.  I'm not sure that slick grass with a dusting of powder is a very fun sledding surface!

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