Disappointed sex fiends

There a feature on my hosting page that allows me to see what internet searches have been used to direct people to my blog. It's amazing the obscure phrases that can draw traffic my way. Today I had one that was a little disconcerting.

Someone did a Google search for: "Preteen girls kissing in a swimming pool"

This is disturbing in its own right. Not only does this guy have a thing for preteen girls, but he specifically wants to see them kissing in a swimming pool. Yes, I'm assuming that this was a male. Sorry guys, but usually women don't have a sick fetish for 10-year old lesbianism.

Anway, the only entry that I have mentioning any of these phrases contains the words "swimming pool." This poor bastard was looking to get off and probably had a pretty serious buzz kill when he was directed to my "life-is-beautiful" entry entitled "As I Lay Dying." If you haven't read it, it talks all about my wedding, my beautiful boy, hiking in Utah, etc. It basically details five moments that have made my life especially worth living. Tee hee. Mr. Sick-and-Wrong must be sorely disappointed.

What's even worse? Think of all the hits I'm going to get now. Read through this entry: "Preteen girls kissing," "sex fiends," "get off," "fetish," and "lesbianism." Lunacy should be getting an increase in traffic now!

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