I'm Feeling Pins and Needles

Alex had his 4 month doctors appointment yesterday. Current stats:

Height: 25.5 inches
Weight: 14 lbs., 3.5 oz.
Head circumference: They never tell you. They just put that little sliding ruler around his head and say,

"It's a hat. It's just hat" As if this will prevent Alex from being terrified of the foreign object around his head. "Oh yeah, of course, a hat. Now I feel so much better. Because sure I know what a hat is."

Anyway, the doctor said that everything looked great. Physically and developmentally the Little Man is a-okay and growing like a weed. He did have to get another set of vaccinations. He was cranky off and on for about 18 hours, and now he's back to his normal self. Hooray!

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