One Trimester Old

Today I took over mommy's computer to write about an important day. Today I am three months old. I can hardly believe that I've been in the world one third of the time it took me to grow inside mommy's tummy. So today, we're celebrating. Mom is dragging me around the house taking pictures of everything that I do. What's a typical day like for me? Let's see:

Wake up and lie in my crib for an hour babbling and banging and bouncing my feet on the mattress.

When Mommy comes to get me, I'm SO smiley. I love to smile. In fact, I'm thinking about making "smile" my first word since Mom and Dad say that to me more than anything so it seems pretty important.

Obviously, a growing boy has to eat. So I have breakfast. Still eating only milk. This nursing thing is the life. I get to stretch out on a soft pillow, curl up against Mom (who is always warm) and eat to my heart's content. Although, I'm hoping the doctor will let me start on some rice cereal after my 4 mo. appointment. I sit with Mom and Dad at dinner and watch them eating. I keep hoping that they'll get the hint when I open my mouth everytime they take a bite. But so far, no dice!

Then we play. Today I hung out under the Gymini kicking it to switch the music whenever I got bored with "Shoe Fly." Mom forces me to lie on my tummy for what seems like forever. Sometimes I get really mad and grunt and cry. Other times I lift my head up and turn it from side to side. I think I've almost got the hang of balancing on my arms so that I can look forward. But that's a lot of work.

Sometimes we read. My favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It's the only one that I can sit still for all the way through. Other favorites are The Red Barn, Jamberry, Guess How Much I Love You (although Nutbrown Hare is a big name to pronounce) and Mr. Brown Can Moo. It makes me giggle when Mommy makes the funny noises in that book.

Most days I take a nap. Although I hate napping in my crib. I like to be on the couch in the middle of the action. I curl up at one end and Bailey curls up at the other. She gets up every so often to check on me and lick my arm. Napping goes much more smoothly when Mommy puts on my girlfriend, Norah Jones. Whew, I love her. It usually only takes 1.5 songs, and I'm out like a light.

It's a busy house, so we run errands. Errands are fine, but I hate that carseat. How would you like to be strapped in to that thing? I cry about it sometimes, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to Mom and Dad.

I love to be outside. Whenever I'm the slightest bit upset, I calm down once I'm outside. I like to help Mom with watering the plants. I LOVE to hike. Mom straps me in the carrier, and we hit the trail. Some days we just walk around the neighborhood and check out the llamas down the road.

At night I sit in my vibrating chair during dinner. Playing with Purple Guy that hangs from the bar in front of me is really fun. He and I have very in-depth conversations. But they're pretty secret, so for right now we talk in baby code so that Mom and Dad won't hear the great adventure that we're planning.

Some nights I get to take a bath. It's really funny to kick my feet and make the water splash over the edge onto the floor and all over Mommy. She doesn't seem to mind though. I've even learned to lean my head back so that I don't get water in my eyes. After my bath, my little crew cut stands straight up on top of my head. It seriously looks like I'm getting a buzz cut every week. But it's just my naturally stylish 'do.

Then I eat and it's time for bed. I usually talk for five or ten minutes and then drift off to sleep in my crib. Some nights I get up twice to eat -- when I'm really hungry. But most night, Mommy only has to get up once to feed me. And I'm usually tired, so I go right back to sleep until morning.

Well, that's my life in a nutshell right now. Pretty idyllic, eh? I'll keep you posted.


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