Finding Your Voice

Isn't it amazing how all of the planets seem to line up perfectly some days? All the forces of the universe seem to be clicking on the same plane.

This week Alex has been discovering a new voice. Up until now he has filled my days with babbling of the ooh, ooh, aah, aah, gaa, gaa kind. This week he seems to be trying out a singing voice. He spends hours talking in this sing-songey upper register world. It's delightful as well as annoyingly shrill. But I love the joy that it brings him so I resist the urge to jam the pacifier between his lips. He is finding a personality of his own. I can see his little brain try out different personas, different ranges, different voices. He quietly discards the ones that don't fit and joyfully throws himself into actions and words that feel right.

So, we're lying in bed last night drifting off and we hear these cries that sound like small puppies right outside our window. We've been hearing these yips and bleats for a week or so and had finally determined that it was several baby elk from the herd that appears every afternoon in the meadow across the street from us. Suddenly one of the whimpers became a full-blown bugle. Now, for those of you that have never heard elk bugle, it is a hauntingly eerie hollow echo of a noise. (How's that for a serious run-on?) But wait. What was an elk doing bugling in June? All of the intense bugling sessions are reserved for fall when the elk start their mating season. Turns out the little teenagers have been practicing. Seems that one little guy finally found his voice.

He tried it again. Starting in a high pitched cry and crescendoing to a large, long bugle. Wow! I could hear Alex chirping away on the monitor. My elk and my boy are finding their voices. I'm such a proud mom!

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