Life's Tourist

Ever notice the great feeling you get when someone comes to visit you from out of town? It's so much fun to show them all the things that make your town, state, etc., interesting. I always feel a renewed enthusiasm for where I live when I can share it with out-of-towners. Sort of seeing the world through fresh eyes. I've been feeling that way about Alex. Having a child is like sharing the world with a new visitor. Everything is new and exciting. Every day I find something new about things that I've been seeing for years. Babies truly are the tourists of life.

Meanwhile, I've been tossing around some writing ideas. I'm working on a query for an article on the history of Mt. Evans. This brought up an old idea I had for a book (perhaps a pictorial history) of Colorado's 14ers. I can't imagine that I will be hiking one for another couple of months -- I still have a lot of getting in shape to do. But, writing the book could be fun. I'm also mulling over an article on hiking/camping with babies. We've already started hiking again, but I'm sure they'll be a lot more preparation for longer hikes. Meanwhile, the novel is still alive and well (in my head). And I found some promising links for poetry submissions.

I guess this blog is already doing what I intended it to do.

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