Photostacker Wannabe

I love the look that you can achieve with the Photostacker screensaver on Macs.  There's also a free shareware program you can download that will replicate the effect on your PC.  I'm a PC girl - for now. Always have been since most of corporate America uses them.  And I've always worked with and in corporate America.  Now that I've been fully freelance for five and a half years - and it looks as though that status is going to stick, even after the boys are in school, I'm thinking it might be time to switch to my first choice - a Mac.  I've been eyeing one for several months, and a little birdie told me that I might be getting one for Christmas.  We'll have to see if I can be a good girl the rest of the year and maybe Santa will bring me something wonderful.

Meanwhile, in switching the look of my blog, I wanted to duplicate the effect of Photostacker in my new header.  Whadd'ya think?  A summer full of fun photos and a half-hour in Photoshop, and voila - a new header that makes me happy everytime I look at it.  I've been playing with some animation, too.  So those photos might rotate in a few weeks.  For now, the static Polaroids make me smile.

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