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The infamous Ben who was born in the car on I-70!

The infamous Alex who thankfully slept through the whole thing (at home)!

It's been a busy week here on Lunacy.  Ever since Gabrielle's link (over at Design Mom) to my "birth in the car story," thousands of people have been reading about Ben's untimely and hilarious birth.  I've also had lots of questions about my blogging, my writing and my life in general. One of the most common questions is: Where can I read more posts like this one?  To better your reading enjoyment at Lunacy, I've compiled a list of the Top Ten Posts from throughout the four years I've been blogging.  Enjoy!
  1. Is That My Uterus in That Taurus? - The story of my second son's birth on I-70, America's busiest highway.
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Wars - A glimpse into my neurotic life and in which I clearly determine the definition of fair and equitable sharing of chocolate.
  3. Is That a VW on My Uterus? - The story of my first son's birth.  Not nearly as exciting as Ben's birth, but for those of you who love birth stories (like me), you'll love reading about the Potty Parade here.
  4. Cover Your Ears - The story of my two children (age 4 and 2) who are destined to embarrass me at the grocery store by inadvertently turning Bob the Builder and Saltine crackers into dirty words.
  5. Lie To Me. I Promise, I'll Believe You - The day that I discovered that becoming a mother has turned me into a pathological liar.  Who knew? Does that happen to all of us?
  6. Shopping for Fish-Fishing for Compliments - Did you know that you can define your place in life by which checker you choose at the grocery store? At least I can.
  7. As I Lay Dying - A recap of some of those little, but truly amazing moments in life that make you lose your breath for just a second.
  8. I'd Like To Thank the Academy - My first foray into community theater.  Ever feel like the dorky girl with the braces and the poodle skirt on her sweater from Sixteen Candles? You're not alone.
  9. All About Me - A 100 item list? Cliche, I know. But sometimes you have to bow to the peer pressure that those dang memes create and write the list.  Read mine and you'll get to hear about lightening strikes, close calls with trains, high school cheerleaders and foods that make you gag.
  10. I Think God Is In the Kitchen... - My restaurant recommendations from across the globe.  Not sure why people care where someone else has eaten, but I get lots of comments on this one, as well.  I think that people love to rally around a really amazing restaurant.
Speaking of food, here's one bonus entry.  With all of the crazy stories I've had in my life, more people want to know about my Cheddar and Ale Soup recipe than my near-death experiences in Bolivia.  Go figure.  Enjoy!

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