Featured On

Ben's birth story was featured today on DesignMom.  Many thanks to Gabrielle for linking to the post.  I've met several wonderful people today as a result of the post - including Leigh. I'll be featured next week on Leigh's blog, Marvelous Kiddo, in her birth story series.  Check out her blog. It's a  beautiful combination of organic-chic.

My Powderhorn post was linked today as a "family-friendly Powderhorn write-up" on Joel's website, Colorado Powder Forecast. Let's hope that snow keeps falling over on the mesa. Happy skiing to all.

Meanwhile, I'm hard at work on my latest endeavor.  For a quick peek, check out my new blog at The Handy Hausfrau.  It won't be packed full of content for another few days, but feel free to snoop around in the meantime. Be sure to follow me in the Google Friend Connect Sidebar on the new site.  Becoming a friend now means you'll never miss a post once the creative projects start coming.

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