Fiddlehead Mittens & Veggies:: Life is Good

Two things going on my world - in addition to the everyday standards: work, mothering, cleaning, etc. Mittens and veggies.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about these Fiddlehead mittens.  I finished the first half of the first one today, and so far so good.  It was a bit snug to be lined.  After I finished, it was actually the perfect size for my hands if I wanted unlined mittens.  But, I splurged and bought some amazing baby alpaca yarn for the lining.  It is so soft, and they are going to be so warm.  For someone who is always cold, I couldn't resist the urge to knit a lining.  I think after blocking them, they will be just the right size to accommodate the lining. 

The one above is damp and drying on my DIY mitten blockers.  I created a pattern on corrugated cardboard and covered it with strips of clear contact paper to waterproof it.  Then I created a separate thumb insert. This way, I'll have the right size thumb blocker for mitten thumbs that come out the side or the kind that are inserted into the palm.  Although, I must say that I prefer the kind that come out the side.  I always feel like my thumb has more range of motion in that kind.

Second fun adventure in our house - Vegetables.

The boys and I went with a really fun group of moms and kiddos to Miller Farms in Platteville, Col.  October is their Fall Havest Festival.  The kids had a great time climbing hay bale pyramids and riding sand dune-buggies around the farm.  We also spent about three hours out in the fields.  We came home with quite a harvest.  I've been cooking, canning, cleaning, steaming and eating all week.  The stash included: red-skinned potatoes, white and red onions, sweet corn, pumpkins, green beans, tomatillos, peppers (pictured above in at least 5 different varieties), eggplants, leeks, cabbage and carrots.  I'm racing the clock to eat or freeze all of it before it starts rotting.  Thank goodness for our compost pile so that I don't feel quite as guilty if I don't make it through all of the produce.

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