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I swear this blog should be called "Things to Remember" instead of "Finding Sanity." I have to say after 18 months of being a mom, I truly feel like I'm living in a very sane world. So I often find myself just wanting to remember all of the wonderful rather than complaining about any sort of craziness. I guess that's the sign that things are going well.

So, new things to remember...

Animal Sounds:
Yesterday, Alex and I were talking about sounds that animals make. Well, talking would be a very strong word. More like quizzing. I was quizzing and he was answering. Some days I feel like I'm the crazy Alex Trebec-mom who is pushing my kid to be on Jeopardy by the time he is two. But he seems to love being questioned about everything and is so satisfied when he either a) gets the "right" answer or b) comes up with an answer that he deems more correct or more hilarious than the true "right" answer.

So the topic was "Animal Sounds for $500." His responses are priceless. It may be the case that my son hears things differently than everyone else on the planet (perhaps animals on Planet Alex speak French or Russian), or it may be that his 18-month old vocabulary hasn't started to process certain key consonants and vowels. Either way, Alex's animals are much more fun than the animals on Planet Grown-Up.

  • Cat (referred to as "Kink" -- a hybrid of "kitty" and "cat"): The "kink" says "Nnnneeeeeow!"
  • Dog (referred to as "Bay" usually, but sometimes "Dahw" and every so often "Dog"): The "Dahw" says "Woooomph!" Most dogs on Planet Alex have just caught a very large kickball right in the stomach as they are beginning to bark.
  • Lizard (referred to as "llllllllllllish"): The "llllllllish" says "Fffth-thip" Lizards on Planet Alex often try to mimic lizards on Planet Mommy which involves a quick tongue flick. What I didn't realize until Alex started to do it was that there are sound effects that accompany the flick.
  • Bird (referred to as "dirb" or "dirbie" -- slight dyslexia on this one): The "dirb" says "Teet, teet, teet." Needless to say, we avoid discussing "dirb" in public for fear that grouchy grocery shoppers will think I am teaching my child inappropriate things.
  • Cow (referred to as "mmmmmmew"): The "mmmmmew" also says "mmmmmew." As an English major, I'm so proud of my budding Shakespeare's use of onomatopoeic words as such a young age!
  • Pig (referred to as "pig"): The "pig" says "unk, unk." Usually the pigs whispers "unk" while scrunching his nose up and thrusting out his lips, as we all know that this is the most fun part of "oink" anyway.
  • Sheep (referred to as "sheep" or sometimes "shhhh") The "sheep" says "naa, naa, naa." For the rest of the day I have "My Angel is a Centerfold" stuck in my head after our sheep discussions. Damn, the sheep on Planet Alex have a good sense of rhythm.
  • Owl (referred to as "Who-Huh"): Again with the poetic devices. The "who-huh" says "who-huh?" Owls on Planet Alex must be very curious or pets of Moon Zappa because the up-speak is quite prevalent.
  • Duck (referred to as "duck"). Although duck is clearly pronouced, and Alex's stuffed duck is clearly his best friend, ducks on Planet Alex do not speak. I walk around saying "Quack, quack" all day, but Alex's duck are mute. He did inform me very emphatically that the duck is "geeen" though. Ducks are not yellow, but in fact green in my son's world. In fact, I'm beginning to worry a little bit the rods and cones configuration in my son's eyes. He is very insistent that everything I ask him about is "Geeen!" That could be a small problem when it comes to passing a driving test.
  • Horse (referred to as "housh") The "housh" says "nee." Just once though and then it's on to the next animal. Horses on Planet Alex are creatures of very few words.
  • Moose (referred to as "mooosh") Moose don't speak at all, but I think that's mostly because I don't know what a moose says. Any thoughts on this one? I'm open to suggestions.

New animals on the Jeopardy docket are zebra, giraffe, elephant (although sometime he calls these "phant") and rooster. These obviously fall into the "Animal Sounds for $1000" category!

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