It's Like Living With a Dictionary

I took Alex to his 18-month doctor appointment the other day. She asked if he is saying words. I said, "Yes, more than I can count." I guess the average for an 18 month old is 15-20 words. This kids has hundreds. I thought I should list as many as I can think of with Alex pronunciation for future reference:

Fork (faulk)
Spoon (Poon-sh)
Knife (Naif-sh)
Plate (Play)
Milk (Mil)
Cracker (Cack)
Clock (Cock)
Crane (Cane)
Train (Taine)
Truck (Tuk)
Green (geen) The only color that he currently knows
One (one)
Two (two)
Three (Sfree)
Mom (Ma)
Daddy (dah)
Poppa (Pop)
Bailey (Bay)
Blanket (Bank)
Night-night (nigh-nigh)
Lid (Lllllllid)
Lap (Llllllllap)
Book (book)
Chair (Chay)
Hand (Hind or Haind) At times he sounds like a small German man demanding your hand.
Hot Dog (Hot)
Hot (hot)
Little (Llllllil')
Wagon (Wag)
Dance (Da with a long "a")
Phone (fun)
Water (wah)
Teeth (teef)
Nose (Nos)
Hair (Hay-re)
Eye (eye)
Bath (baff)
Up (up)
Down (down)
Cold (col)
Logging (lahg)
Man (mine or maine) Again with that German thing...
Coal (col)
Kangaroo (kang)
Boat (Bow)
Race Car (race)
Zebra (ssssssebr)
Giraffe (sheraff)
Kitten (cait or kitt)
Dog (daw)
Green beans (been)
Cheese (cheeshe)
Kayak (Kai)

I know that there are more that I'm forgetting, so I will have to post more regularly to remind myself.

August and September have been busy months for us. We had several trips to the lake for concerts in the park. Alex loves watching live music. He is especially fascinated with the lighting and sound equipment. We fully expect that he'll be a roadie at some point in his life.

We went to a Rockies/Cubs game at Coors Field in full Cubs regalia. Alex had his Cubs warmup suit on and loved watching people in the batting cages.

We started hiking in the Mountain Mamas hiking group. He still loves to be outside and likes to interact (we can't really call it playing at this point, can we?) with the other kids after the hikes. On one hike at Flying J Open Space, he got to pet his first horse. He cried when it was another little boy's turn. He loves dogs and cats. I think he has gotten my way with animals.

We had our first successful photo shoot with a professional photographer. Our other attempts ended in snotty noses for Alex and tears for us all. But Amy, our photographer was so great. We have some amazing shots that I can't wait to order. He looks so grown up.

Our trip to Toronto was to see our friends Michele and Jason and their two-year old daughter Emily was so much fun. We spent a day at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Alex was antsy, but loved the "players' lockeroom" section and watching the big kids shoot pucks. Alex loved playing with Emily, and more importantly with Emily's toys. The kids were so cute riding in the double stroller together and running around in their rain suits. Emily had the Boston Bruins complete outfit and Alex had the bright blue "Gumby" suit. He liked riding on the motor boat but was a little tentative about the sound of the motor.

The trip to Toronto came during a very trying two weeks during which Alex had resorted to screeching whenever he didn't get his way. My patience as a mom was really tested. But, Toronto was followed by a "Mom and Day only" trip to Vegas. Kevin's parents spent the week in Colorado and took care of Alex over our weekend trip. I don't know if it was the end of the phase, a much needed break from Mom & Dad or spoiling by Mamaw and Poppa, but something seemed to break him out of screaming mode. I came home refreshed and so excited to spend time with my little man again.

We started a music class for toddlers. Lots of banging on drums, shaking bells and singing. Alex continues to be an "observer" in new situations. He isn't one of those kids that jumps right in immediately. He likes to hang back (usually in my lap) and scope out the situation before he decides to participate. He is VERY talkative at home, but pretty quiet when he is in places with lots of other people. I'm curious to see how his personality develops even more in social situations as he gets older.

Finally, we had a memorial service for Kevin's grandmother who passed away while we were in Toronto. After all of the flying that Alex has been doing over these two months, we were dreading another flight with the squirmy guy. But he stepped up to the plate and was AMAZING all weekend. He handled the flights like a champ, he loved the babysitters at the church and charmed everyone he met. Although it was a sad occasion, it was a great time to spend with family and friends.

What a crazy time it's been. I can't believe it's fall. My how the time goes!!

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