Shiny, Sparkly Things

I finally found the time to take the jewelry making class that I've been thinking about for so long. What fun! I was the only student so it was more of a private lesson. I made a bracelet and two pairs of earrings. After the class, I made my initial investment for some tools and bought beads for two necklaces that I finished last night at home. I'm dangerous in the bead shop. I love semi-precious stones...all the colors and textures and shapes. I want 10 of each. But unless I could sell this stuff, I don't have enough expendable income to buy all of the stones that I want. For now I'll have to covet them from afar. But without further ado, here are my creations:

This is a Pietersite and Agate bracelet with sterling silver toggle and Bali silver separators.

These are the matching earrings. The swirls of color in the pietersite are amazing. They have purples, greys, golds, tans, rusts, yellow, blacks. What a beatiful stone!

These are earrings made with a raku donut, an off-white cat's eye and sterling silver beads and hooks.

I made this for my great aunt for X-mas. This is made with oval glass beads, Swarovski bicones and lampwork beads in black and purple.

I've had this charm lying around for years. It used to be part of a necklace, but the strand broke one night in a bar and sent beads flying everywhere. So I bought some sead beads in rust, gold and orange to string it.

Then I made some matching earrings just for fun. These are made with glass beads and white sead beads for accent.


SusanW said...

Wow Sara, you are a natural! Those pieces are beautiful. I warned you, beading is totally addictive. It is also, as you saw, expensive if you have good taste. :)

I have my first jewelry show coming up next weekend so I'll let you know if it seems possible to sell what you make. I'm so glad you enjoyed your "class"!

Moonface said...

wow these are lovely! i would never have the patience (let alone the time) to do this sort of craft work. go girl!

christina said...

These are GORGEOUS.