Bet you're wondering!

I left you hanging on the outcome of the homeopathic teething tablets. The verdict? Success! We had two good nights of sleep (only getting up once for Alex to eat). I don't know if the little man was simply exhausted and finally gave in to sleep or if the teething simply didn't hurt as much on day three or if the HTTs truly worked. But, I don't really care. Any combination that allows for sleep is good.

One childhood challenge overcome and another loomed just around the corner. Croupe. Doesn't it sound like some archaic disease that the settlers got? I thought so too until Alex completely lost his voice and started hacking with a very juicy cough that sounded like a seal. We had two nights of waking up every 45 minutes because he couldn't breathe. Poor little guy would start hacking and look at me with this terrified look in his eyes, not sure why he couldn't breathe like he usually does.

He seemed to be acting like himself during the day - playing, smiling, laughing - although much more clingy than usual, but the nights were really bad. After two nights Mom wised up and decided to call the doctor. Sure enough, the doctor said, "Bring him in. It sounds like croupe." And it was. Thankfully it was a very mild case. Some kids actually end up in the emergency room in humidifying tents in the middle of the night. The doctor gave him some sort of steroid in a cupful of Pedialyte and his voice had returned within 4 hours. He slept ALL day and only got up once the first night. Woo hoo! It appears that for now we've defeated the croupe as well.

In other news, my lack of blogging can be directly attributed to my freelance workload. I've been writing articles "on assignment" for Purina. I just finished one on a specific heart disease in a breed called Maine Coon Cats and I'm working on one about canine compulsive disorders in Doberman Pinschers. Fun work, and I get paid for it. You can't beat that. That's it on the homefront for now.

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