Six Months Old

Alex had his six month doctor appointment yesterday. The latest stats on the boy are:

16 lbs. 13 oz. (30 percentile for weight)
27 inches long (75 percentile for height)
17.5 inches head circumference (90 percentile for this)

As the doctor said, "That's a big head. Lots of brains in there."

Let's hope so. The six shots went well. Including a flu shot which he seemed to have no side effects from. Kevin and I both got flu shots too. What a difference from this time last year. I was pregnant and we were living in St. Louis. I was desperately trying to get a flu shot so that I wouldn't get sick while I was pregnant. No luck. I think the pharmaceutical companies got blasted after last year's shortage. So this year, we'll be seeing flu shot booths at the mall, the gas stations, etc.

Anyway, the boy is doing well and growing like a weed. Who would have thought that our little man would be in the 75 percentile for height. Those must be some serious pre-natal vitamins because he's not getting the growth genes from either of us, that's for sure!

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