Road Warriors (Part 1)

We've been traveling almost the entire month of October. This has led to some great sights, some fun discoveries and most importantly, a bucketful of new memories with our son.

We left on the 12th for San Diego. Kevin had a trade show at the downtown Hyatt on the waterfront. It was the perfect location. Alex and I walked up and down the waterfront boulevard taking in the sights and people. Favorite spottings and outings:

  • A man spraying down his boat with a hose after a day at sea. His border collie loved the hose spray and pounced on it every time it approached. It was hilarious to see a little ball of black and white fluff trying to catch water spray in his mouth while keeping his balance on the slippery decks of the boat.
  • Pricing out yachts. Alex and I decided that the next big family purchase should be a yacht. We had fun watching them pull in and out of the marina and looking at what people choose to name their boats. It's too bad Kevin gets seasick -- guess he'll just have to stay at home while Alex and I get this sailing thing figured out. Now I'll just take my $495,000 that I have lying around and buy one of these suckers. Ha!
  • The U.S. Midway - the aircraft carrier permanently docked in San Diego. I was in awe of how big it is. This ship was big enough to hold at least 10 full-sized aircrafts on its decks. We didn't get on board, but Kevin had a swanky dinner/cocktail party on board so he regalled us with the details.
  • The San Diego Zoo - we spent the better part of a morning there. The koalas were very cute and Alex loved looking at the monkey perched against the glass. The monkey kept bending over to lap water out of the pool. Kevin liked the Rodents-of-Unusual-Size and the warthogs. My personal favorite was the baby tiger that was stalking ducks.

We were blessed with a happy baby on both legs of the trip. He wasn't quite as comatose (just let me nurse and sleep) as he was on our trip to San Francisco in July, but he did manage to settle in and behave like a little gentleman.

The highlight of the trip had to be Alex's first encounter with the ocean. We drove out toward La Jolla to see the coast and the swanky houses one afternoon. Kevin pulled off the road at the first beach so that we could dip Alex's toes in the Pacific Ocean. In true Kevin fashion, it was one of those perfect suggestions. The type that you don't think much of at first, but then you realize this is a "slow down or life will pass you by" moment.

We rolled up Alex pant legs and plunked him a few inches from where the surf was ebbing and flowing. The first few times we weren't close enough, but after a few tries the water cooperated and came up to meet us. At first Alex was delighted and then threw out his arms and shook his little hands in a universal baby sign for panic. I can understand. This little person is looking out at the vastness of the ocean and it's suddenly rushing up towards him. Can you imagine something so big that you can't see its entirety chasing after you? That's a lot for a little mind to grasp.

So another milestone! My baby first dipped his feet in the Pacific Ocean at the ripe old age of 6 1/2 months. Some people wait their entire lives to see the ocean. Amazing how lucky the simple things can make you feel.

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