I don't know how many of you read the comments on my blog. Over the past two days there has been a barrage of random Anonymous comments selling products -- anything from German language tapes to dog shock collars. Evidently this is the newest form of advertising. Because yes, my site has EVERYTHING to do with German launguage tapes and your anonymous comment makes me want to order your products.

So to prevent unwanted spam comments, I've turned on word verification. If you want to leave a comment, you simply have to fill in the scrambled word that you see on the screen. It's like ordering tickets online from Ticketmaster. I want to apologize in advance for the inconvenience of this final step. It seems to be more inconvenient, however, for me to read about foot arthritis solutions.

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SusanW said...


I'm back on the blogger comments area - yeah! I had to choose a new user name, but oh well.

It's yucky that your comments were clogged up with junk, I know that happened to Kate too. It's absolutely crazy how much crap is thrown around in the blog/email/web spheres.

Hope all is going really well! Glad to be back on and able to communicate :)