The Colors! Where are the colors?

We spent the weekend at the wedding of a dear friend of ours in New Hampshire. It could not have been a more perfect couple of days save the extreme lack of sleep. I thought having a six month old made for sleepless nights. But seven college friends are much, much worse. I think I racked up a grand total of 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend. I will never complain about getting up with Alex again.

Fun things about the weekend (besides Mark having a blissfully happy wedding):
  • Brian and I met a boxer named Pickett at 3 a.m. outside our hotel. He was steaming mad because he was supposed to have a suite, but his manager was upstairs "sleeping a drunk off." We managed to soothe Pickett a little bit and get the scoop on amateur boxing. Something about which I know VERY little.
  • Kyle's rental car choices were a red Sebring convertible or a pearl white PT Cruiser convertible. Some 65 year old lady manhandled her way past Kyle to claim the Sebring. So he was stuck with the Cruiser. We saw many 75 year old men looking mighty jealous as we drove down Main Street in Concord with the top down.
  • Jason and Yuliya brought Russian vodka "snack packs" back from Ukraine for all the guys. Mark's last toast as a single man was heartfelt and served to reaffirm why these guys have been friends for 15 years.
  • The hors d'oeuvres and the dinner were amazing. A raw bar with smoked salmon and trout, mussels, oysters on the halfshell and shrimp. Perfectly cooked prime rib, beautifully grilled fall vegetables and a choose-your-own pasta bar with yummy pesto.
  • And, oh yes! There was dancing! A big band for most of the evening complete with Lawrence Welk-esque box music stands with initials on the front. Then someone hooked an I-Pod to the speaker system for a little more fun.

This was also our first weekend away from Alex. My parents babysat (and selflessly so, since he is still getting up at least once a night - the boy is insatiable!), and things went perfectly. I ached because I missed Alex so much (and literally too since I had to pump all weekend to keep my milk supply up), but I was also giddy with the chance to be sans child for 60 hours. It truly makes you appreciate your child all the more when you can have adventures as a couple without the baby every so often.

The only thing that would have made the weekend complete is if the trees had been in their full color glory. We saw many a disappointed tourist on a touring coach peering longingly out the window in search of the famous reds and oranges. Oh well. Another couple of weeks and it will be in full autumnal delight.

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