Insane in the Membrane

Hello to all my loyal readers. And sorry that I haven't been more regular this week in posting. We are in the production week for Rumplestiltskin, and things have been crazy. Our performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I've been sewing patches on my costume, tracking down stage makeup and going to LONG rehearsals. Kevin and I actually had dinner together before my rehearsal last night. That's a first in awhile.

Meanwhile, we are busy with last minute preparations for our kitchen renovation. The cabinets arrived on Friday. They are beautiful! I'm so excited. They are a shaker style cabinet in cherry. We have hardware purchased and our new dishwasher and microwave are just waiting to be put to use. The cabinets will be installed this weekend (in the midst of the play craziness). We always say, if you're living life, live big. This weekend will be insanely busy. We finally found some granite that we really like and won't break the bank. We have estimates on countertops and the order placed so that hopefully we won't be without a sink and counters for too long.

In other news, I took advantage of being a stay-at-home-mom today and went to the zoo with Alex, my brother and his two daughters. Take a look at this cute photo.

Checking out the hippos

I have to go on record as saying that my brother is one of the greatest dads I've met. When they arrived at the zoo they had been singing Raffi's Going to the Zoo song in the car. My brother was belting out "Daddy's taking me to the zoo" claiming the Raffi is a bit sexist and only sings about Mommy taking you to the zoo. My two year old niece followed her dad around making all of the animal noises (including the silent noise with wide open mouth he came up with for hippopotamus.) It's been a joy to see him become such an amazing father. He has the patience of a saint and loads of creativity.

My favorite quote of the day was my brother saying to his daughter :

"It's like we're on an adventure in the jungle. I'm glad that you're my partner because you're a great adventure partner."

Can you get any cuter?

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