Peripheral vision can be dizzying

This weekend Tina, Jay and Samantha made the drive from Chicago to visit us. Alex is exactly the same age that Samantha was when we first made the trip from Colorado to see her. It has been a fun, crazy whirlwind watching Samantha get to know "Baby Cousin" Alex. She is such a little mom - always wanting to help with feeding, bathing, etc. She spent a good part of yesterday explaining to Alex how to play with all of the toys that they brought to him. It truly makes you believe in maternal instinct when you see a crazy five year old settle down and ever so gently try to calm her crying baby cousin. It has also been fun for me to explain to her how to bathe and feed Alex. Kind of makes me feel like I'm getting the hang of this whole mothering thing.

I gave my first breast pump lesson yesterday. Samantha wanted to know how everything worked and how the milk "gets out of those." She also wanted to know why the milk wouldn't come out through my shirt. Good questions for a five year old. She loved determining "which one" was winning (which little bottle filled up faster)! I never thought "the girls" would find themselves in a milk production race. Yes, I know that the third person references are a bit weird, but they do have a tendency to become inanimate objects as part of the milk machine.

Meanwhile, Alex is discovering the wonders of the baby swing. He seems to love the movement as long as he's looking straight ahead. Once he turns to the side, I think he starts to get dizzy watching the swing legs sway in and out of his blurry vision. So today, our company went to Pikes Peak, and Alex and I are using the day to get the house cleaned up and to spend some quiet time together.

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