The easy way out

So we're getting ready for a Memorial Day weekend trip to Santa Fe, NM, one of my favorite places. Last night Kevin felt like he was getting a cold, and we had a really late night entertaining company. I said we could back out of the trip if we wanted to -- staying home and being lazy sounded great. But, always the level-headed thinker, he reminded me of our pact to not let baby bring our lives to a halt. We swore to each other before I got pregnant that we would not let life as we know it cease to exist because we have a child.

So today, we're back on track. None of this taking the easy way out. We need to have an adventure! I'm packing up the baby stuff and Kevin's installing the carseat into his car. By this time tomorrow, we should be at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe. We'll do a day at the art galleries and a day of hiking in the mountains outside Santa Fe. Just a little extra energy and an adventurous spirit, and I'm already excited again. Alex's first roadtrip!

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