Gimme some powder, Powderhorn!

We're prepped and ready for our trip to Powderhorn this weekend.  If the weather and the preschooler cooperate (with getting his coat on and his behind off the playgroun and into the car!) we'll be hitting some wineries in Palisade on Friday afternoon.  I'm looking at Carlson Vineyards, Graystone Winery, and Mesa Grande Vineyards if we get over there in time.

Friday dinner we'll check out the Palisade Brewery or the Inari's Palisade Bistro - depending on how well behaved the kiddos feel like being. We're staying at the Goldenwood Condos within throwing distance of the lifts.  Saturday is packed with ski lessons for Alex and playtime for Ben and skiing for the parents.  This will be a much needed weekend of rejuvenation after long hours of mommy-work and marketing-work over the past few weeks.

To top it all off, they're calling for snow all weekend.  Let's hope Mother Nature is on board with the National Weather Service.

I can't wait for tomorow to get here!


Anonymous said...

I love Powderhorn...you should stay at the Inn at Wildewood, it is right at the lift! My family loves it!!

Susan W said...

I hope you guys had fun! Would love to hear about the trip and all the visits you had planned. Say hello to the family for us :)