It's been awhile...

We've been on the road for most of the summer - thus, the silence on the blog. Had a great trip back to the Midwest to visit family and friends. My kids got to go strawberry picking and run through a sprinkler (two things that they don't get to do with all the watering restrictions in Colorado.) Behold the joy that is fresh picked, red-all-the-way-through strawberries:

Pure bliss!
Then, we spent a week in Maine on the ocean. Our friends Mark and Kristen are expecting, so I was great to catch up with them before Baby Girl makes her appearance.
Here is the amazing lobster dinner that we created one night:

Here are the kiddos enjoying the very relaxing porch at our rented cottage. Harmony Cottage in Northport, ME. Check it out for your next rental. Peaceful, cozy and just what we needed to spend time with old friends.

And the beautiful flowers that were growing like crazy in front of the cottage:

Must have been all that rain in Maine - the was falling mainly on our heads, not on the plain!
Since we returned home, the summer has been filled with swimming lessons and playdates with the boys' favorites friends. We tackled the woodchip pile which took on a life of its own that has been in our driveway for almost 9 months. It is finally gone. We have lots of trails that run the length of our property. The boys love exploring all the nooks and crannies of their climbing rocks - which can now be accessed by trails.
And...of course, I've been mulling over lots of new projects. I'll post pictures as time goes on. The project of the week is coverting our guest to 1/8-part guest room and 7/8-parts craft room/office for me. It's all still in the measuring, organizing, planning stages, but I'm hoping it will be drool worthy.
Glad to be back!

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Susan W said...

Yeah - welcome back old friend! :) It's great to see the boys...man that Ben is a spitting image of you! I'm excited to hear more about the office/craft/guest room...exciting stuff!