Month 14 - So Much Has Happened

I've been a little lax in documenting my life recently since I've been way too busy living my life. Seems a little unfair that I haven't taken the time to stop and smell the roses...although sometime it seems easier to just carry them around with you so that you can appreciate them in the moment.

Let's see:

My baby boy turned one year old. We had two small shindigs and Alex did great at both. Although my favorite gift, a small motorized truck that honks and rolls across the floor has been vehemently denied by my truck-loving son. Everytime the honking starts, Alex throws himself into my lap in anticipation of the oh-so-terrifying ghost driver.

Some dear friends (old friend with whom we lost touch for awhile) moved just down the road from us. Although we've been back over a year, we still haven't had many opportunities to make new close friends. It's so comforting to have built-in buds just down the road -- friends that already know you, friends that you don't have to "date," you've already cut through all that "courtship" crap.

I took my first solo flight (or flights with Alex). We headed back to the Midwest. I went for a friend bachelorette party, he went for a visit with Mamaw and Papa (Kevin's parents). My visit was so much fun, filled with a quality of people that is unmatched. It shouldn't surprise me because my friend Sarah, who was being celebrated, attracts shockingly talented, funny and intelligent people. Alex's visit didn't go quite as well. Although Mamaw and Papa assured me that it was a fun visit, Alex was a bit cranky throughout. I think he's adjusting to new situations and new people. When we got home separation anxiety kicked in with bang and he's been cling to my leg many times a day.

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