Another Business Venture

Seems like I'm always starting a business. I can remember being 6 or 7 years old and wanting to start a greeting card business. I was convinced that I could sell hand-drawn greeting cards to all of my neighbors. Nothing ever came of it except a very cute little catalog that I created with a selection of greeting card design choices.

Then there was the time I wanted to invent the briefcase-sized copy machine. This was the 80s, so all the business people were carrying the hard-sided briefcases. I went so far as to draw schematics (well, they were the equivalent of schematics to an 8 year old) of my design. I wanted to sell my design to Xerox. My dad worked for Xerox at the time -- thus my fascination with copy machines. The machine was slightly smaller than the dimensions of a standard briefcase. The copier could lay flat in the inner compartment. It had a very thin lid that lifted up and a glass screen where the user would lay the paper. The side had a small exit channel for the copy to come scooting out of. And the piece de resistance was the big glowing green button. At the time, all copy machines at the library, school, etc., had the large square glowing green button. For some reason, it was very satisfying to me to push that button. Consequently, my design had to incorporate the aesthetically pleasing "Go" button.

Now, years later I find myself starting a new business. This is purely fun, but also slightly driven by necessity. You see, I have this nasty jewelry making habit. I love making the necklaces, bracelets, etc. But there are only so many places that a stay-at-home-mom, freelance writer, live in the very casual mountains can wear all of these creations. I feel a bit over dressed running to the grocery store in chandelier earrnigs. I also love buying the stones. I've always been taken with shiny stones. You know those bins of rocks at the kitchsy souvenier shops? I loved digging through those as a kids and rubbing the smooth finish of each of the stones.

Because of these highly addictive personality traits, I've been buying stones and producing jewelry at an uncanny rate. My "career" earning potential is nill right now given the time I'm spending raising our child, so I'm starting to feel a little guilty about the financial investment in shiny rocks. The solution? A business.

At the end of the month, Pearl Canyon Studio will become a reality. I'm registered and the website is almost fully functional (still have a little work to do - only the necklaces are working in the Jewelry category right now). Check it out at www.pearlcanyon.com. If you're just dying to buy something before the shopping cart becomes operational, e-mail me at info@pearlcanyon.com. Otherwise, wait until April 1st and open up your wallets. The more shiny and sparkly things a girl has in her life, the happier she will be. Let me help you with that!!

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