All life as we know it has changed!

Yep. You guessed it. Alex started crawling today (December 15). We had been playing for about an hour and a half in his room. Usually playing consists of Alex rolling around, playing with whatever toy I've put in his immediate vicinity and squawking at me if there is another desired toy that is out of his reach.

Translation: Playtime usually consists of an hour and a half of "Aaak, aaak, aak. Woman, hand me that toy. Oh, and while you're at it, get that one too. Aaak, aaak, aaak."

Today, he seemed much more content to explore on his own than usual. He moved all over the room, log rolling from Stacking King to Lego Circus Train to stuffed monkey.

Suddenly, he stopped on his stomach and started propelling himself in a strictly forward motion --- CRAWLING! Granted the crawling looked a bit sickly. Picture the walk that an injured Frankenstein does. Hobbling along with stiff limbs dragging one leg slowly behind. Now transfer that picture to a face down position and you have a general idea of what the crawling looked like. He pulled his legs up under him pushing his bottom into the air. Then he would wedge him feets and push forward with his face and his arms dragging on the floor. Large green monster walk or not, he was most definitely crawling.

I called Kevin, who happened to be working from home and left a message,

"You'd better get up here when you have a chance. Your son is crawling!"

As everyone keeps telling me, life will never be the same. That's right, I will never have to hear "Aaak, aaak," about out of reach toys again!!

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SusanW said...

Oh my god - i was just laughing out loud at work. Your descriptions are priceless Sara!

I'm so happy for all of you, and will send you my prayers as Alex is now crawling. As you said, life is never the same and everything continues to speed up. I know I haven't had my own child yet, but from watching my sister...it's amazing to watch how quickly they grow from this point forward.

Can't wait to see you soon!