Rollin' like a river

We bought a carrier backpack for Alex yesterday. Now that he is quickly approaching the six month mark a whole new world is opening up to him. Kevin found a very new, barely used Evenflo backpack at a second hand store. I'm not sure if this bodes well or not - the whole barely used part. Maybe it's an omen. All those Colorado "hikers" who want to take their babies out in the wild but end up using the backpacks as sculpture for the corner of the living room instead. Oh well, I guess the fate of the pack is up to us, not the reverse.

Kevin brought the pack home and stood it on the floor in the living room so that I could inspect his purchase. Alex was happily playing under him gymini at the time -- attempting to get his foot, his entire left hand and the hanging orbs filled with colored beads all into his mouth at one time. Think about those acrobatics for a second. That's quite a feat. While I was catching up with my husband, Alex decided that the pack looked pretty interesting. He rolled three consecutive times (That's a roll from stomach to back, back to stomach and stomach to back. Yes, count 'em -- three rolls. A perfect 10 combination that my baby has never attempted before.) over to the pack. I caught the end of the floor exercise routine out of the corner of my eye. When I returned my attention fully to the boy, he was stroking the daypack that attaches to the back. Wow, this thing is pretty interesting!

When I lifted him up to put him in the carrier portion, he started that heavy panting with flailing hands thing that is indicative of excitement. Once we had him in place and Kevin hoisted the pack onto his back, Alex was all smiles and giggles. I'm really not sure what it is about this thing, but the boy loves it. Perhaps it's the thought that he can hike for several miles without losing all circulation in his feet due to dangling in the Bjorn. Maybe he's tired of the embarrassment that comes with having his baby sumo-thigh get caught in the Bjorn every time I try to take him out. Most importantly, he seems to be rejoicing in the thought that his family jewels may remain intact for another hiking trip rather than smashed flatter than roadkill as all 15 lbs. of him rests squarely on the roe-sham-boe region.

Whatever the exact thoughts are, there's no doubt that he's excited. We're excited. Let's hit the trail, team!

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