All in all we couldn't have asked for a better trip except I seem to have come home with a cold. I don't know if pre-natal vitamins are the greatest immunity invention ever or if I've just been really lucky. But, I haven't been sick since before I got pregnant last July. In fact I don't think that I have been sick since April of 2004. Wow!

The cold is not a huge deal. It's nothing that a few days in bed and some cold medicine can't help. What you quickly realize is that cold medicine and breast feeding are not the best of friends. I can't find anything on the "acceptable" list of medicine that will blast a head cold and be safe for Alex. Turns out that Pseudo-ephedrine, the main ingredient in all nasal decongestants is not recommended if you're breast feeding. If I was achey or had a bad cough, I'd be in the clear. But you don't want to get a sinus-type cold if you can avoid it.

For now I'll just carry my box of Kleenex around and hope that Alex and Kevin don't get sick too. Wish me luck.

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