I'm a Livin' in a Cardboard Box

This morning I did two huge loads of laundry. Why am I telling you this? It's actually important. But first let me say that laundry is never ending when you have a baby. Growing up, I never understood why my mom was ALWAYS doing laundry. Now I know. It's the curse of being a mother. Have child, find oneself buried under vast amounts of spit up covered clothes.

Anyway, as I was sorting the laundry I made a "Too-Little-For-Little-Man" pile. Alex is starting to grow out of some of his 0-3 mo. clothes, and they need to be retired. Poor guy. I love some of his little sleepers so much that I've kept them in the rotation much too long. Some nights he can't even straighten out his legs because the footed sleepers are too short. He's going to grow up thinking that all people have to sleep with their knees bent.

So I found a cardboard gift box from Pottery Barn. Let me say that this particular box has the perfect dimensions. Have you ever noticed that some boxes are just the perfect size? I love the heft of the cardboard and the way the lid has a great flap. Yeah, I know. A little weird. I will love it, and hold it and name it George.

I've started filling up this box with all of the outgrown clothes. It lives on a shelf in his closet. And I have to say, it makes me a little sad. My Little Man is growing so fast. I know that's so cliche, but I'm a little sad each time I have to put something else in the TLFLM box. Makes me wonder when these little clothes will see the light of day again. Will we be lucky enough to have another baby in a few years? Will it be a boy who can share all of the retired clothes? Or will it be a girl for whom we want to buy all new clothes?

Meanwhile I'm just trying to savor every minute with the little guy -- clothes or no clothes. And hopefully in a couple of years, I can peek inside that box and pull out the tiny blue socks for another set of baby feet.


Jana said...

I am currently watching my 4th little boy outgrow the clothes his brothers have all worn. I can totally relate!

Great blog!

Susan W said...

You know, my sister saved a lot of her "favorites" from all three of my nieces and they're now being held for me. You'll be happy you're hanging on to some of them!

They'll be fun to have for possible future babies, showing little Alex later in life or even passing onto other relatives... I bet the next time I see him he'll be so different! They grow incredibly fast.

Susan W said...

Oh! And another thought relating to the laundry bit... I thought when Jim moved in I suddenly had lots more laundry to do but it sounds like kids take that and multiply it tenfold. Whew!

landismom said...

I've saved a few of my kids' outfits every year (we're not having any more), and I plan to make a quilt for them out of baby clothes when they are older. There's nothing quite as cute as baby clothes!