Franco-American: A Gourmet Treat

Kevin and I went out to dinner for his birthday. We chose an upscale, but not-too posh Italian place in town. (Nothing in our mountain town is too posh, so the chi-chi factor is all relative.) We were saddled with a waiter who must have been the boss' son or grandson. Nice enough kid, but a couple seated 15 minutes after us left 30 minutes before we were finished. Things move at a slightly slower pace up here in Mayberry. Anyway, an older couple was seated at the table next to us. The woman must have asked our Anakin Skywalker-look alike waiter to describe a particular pasta dish on the menu. Out of the blue I hear:

Waiter: "Do you like Spaghettios?"

Diner: [long pause] "Sure. I suppose."

Waiter: [cute, but very empty smile] "Great. Then you'll love this. It tastes just like Spaghettios. I really like it."

A tin can filled with saucy goodness!

Hmmm...brings to mind visions of those flacid noodle o's floating in the neon-orange colored ketchup sauce. Now that's quality dining. Maybe young Anakin needs to stick to jedi mind tricks.


fin said...

with his salary, he's probably living off tinned pasta

Bob Hitt said...